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New Laws

And how they affect you!

Come back regularly as we continue to update this page with new laws and legislative updates.


Legislative Activity

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The 74th MN Legislative session has started for 2024.

Lets win back our seats together!

In November 2022 Democrats took control over the MN House Representatives with six extra seats and MN Senate with one extra seat.

Governor Waltz is a radical left Democrat.

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Attempted to Legalize an Assisted Suicide Through  Bill HF1930

Many Minnesota conservatives went to the House of Representatives to testify against the assisted suicide bill. Follow the below links for more information, view the hearings, and testimonials.

Short Version Testimonials
Tina Liebling of Rochester, approved HF1930
HF1930 Hearing
Picture above: Republicans Roz Pearson, Karin Cherin, and Rae Parker are at the House Health Finance and Policy Committee hearing on HF1930

House Health Finance and Policy Committee chaired by Rep. Tina Liebling, a Democrat from Rochester approved the bill HF1930 Minnesota End-of-Life Option Act on party-line of 10-5.

If you would like to write a letter to legislators, go to the capital in support of our Constitution and/or conservative values, and/or need help, please e-mail
Written by Bill Walsh from American Experiment                                          Feb 12, 2024

"A bonding bill requires a super-majority from the legislature to pass so this is the only time during session Democrats will have to work with Republicans. "

"The first priority for the legislature will be to fix the School Resource Officer (SRO) language passed in the 2023 session. The bill caused many police chiefs to pull their SROs out of the schools because according to the new law, they would be treated as school employees instead of police officers when it came to their ability to keep the peace on school property. With today’s anti-police prosecutors (especially in Ramsey and Hennepin County), many SROs found themselves in an impossible situation. Early drafts of legislation to fix the problem appear to return police to the jurisdiction of their chiefs even while on school grounds."

"One indication the Democratic trifecta might continue the trend of liberal legislation from 2023 is the introduction of a bill making Minnesota a sanctuary state. Even with everything going on at the southern border, Democrats are pushing through a bill that will prohibit state and local governments from cooperating with federal immigration authorities such as Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE)."


"This new, more extreme proposal of fuel legislation has been rebranded as a “Clean Transportation Standard,” or CTS, that will make Minnesota’s fuel mandates the most extreme, and most expensive, in the country, surpassing California, Oregon, and Washington. American Experiment is branding this effort a stealth gas tax because the plan will raise the cost of gas in Minnesota by 39 to 45 cents per gallon, for no good reason!"


"Since the 2023 session wiped away every restriction on abortion, the 2024 legislature is going to tackle the other end of the spectrum with a bill allowing patients who are suffering terminal illnesses and have less than six months to live to self-administer drugs to end their own lives. Since the law does not require patients to be Minnesota residents, this could add to Gov. Walz’s new efforts to attract people to the state for abortion, sex change operations and now assisted suicide."


Dems seek to eliminate belief-based vax exemptions for families enrolled in daycare


Stop forcing parents to Vaccinate


Elena Promotes Parental Empowerment


Committee on Health and Human Services - 02/15/24

Elena on bil SF610 vax mandates.png
Democrats seek to eliminate belief-based vaccine exemptions for families enrolled in daycare

Sen. Boldon, DFL - Rochester brought a bill SF 610 to the Senate, while the companion bill in the House was sponsored by Rep. Mike Freiberg, DFL-Golden Valley. These bills aim to remove Minnesota law protecting immunization exemptions for children in childcare centers. Vaccine mandates all over again.


We, as citizens of this beautiful country, have right to choose. This authority has been given to us by God and written in our documents The Declaration of Independence, The Constitution of the United States, The Declaration of Human Rights. We have unalienable rights, and the basis of those rights are our freedoms.

Elimination of belief-based vaccine exemptions

If you would like to write a letter to legislators, go to the capital in support of Constitution and/or conservative values and need help, please e-mail to


 Over 500 people of faith showed up to the rally for religious freedom at the Capitol in protest of removing religious exemptions from Minnesota law. Equal Rights Amendment was supposed to grant Constitutional protection to abortions up to birth and Constitutional protection to individuals identified as transgender and/or with self-determined gender. This Amendment could legally impact women’s and men’s privacy in sports, locker rooms, restrooms, and prisons. The bill which was passed from the House could allow discrimination against individuals with non-compliance to abortion or transgender ideology based on religious grounds. Republicans were able to prevent bad policies to become a law. We are grateful to God that the clock ran out for the Democrats and the ERA bill was defeated.


ERA Amendment Was Defeated

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